KiraKira Terms of Use

We (your hardworking crew at KiraKira) run an online education platform called and we are so excited for you to use it. Our classes are free for you to take and you account is free to make. Our service is designed to provide you free and easy videos to learn basic design engineering skills. We encourage you to have control and ownership over the classes you take, the designs you make, and the work you share with our community. However, be responsible for what you publish. A few easy to remember guidelines:

  1. We are constantly developing our platform to give you a better experience, you will encounter bugs and errors along the way. Please report them to us!
  2. Make sure the designs that you upload are you own, not someone else’s. Even though you are taking classes and making products from our teachers, make sure you’re uploading designs (STL files) that you made in software on your device.
  3. Please do not distribute any of our courses or proprietary instructor designs.
  4. Please do not post any content that does not promote a safe and fun learning environment.
  5. We love that you want to get the KiraKira word out there, but please do not use any part of our content or website or likeness for commercial purposes without our permission.
  6. We’re happy to work with you over any concerns or questions you may have regarding KiraKira. Please reach out to us at