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Who is KiraKira For?

Is KiraKira only for girls?

Nope! While our goal is to educate and empower girls, we are excited for anyone to take our classes and learn more about mechanical engineering and 3D printing.

What ages can use KiraKira?

KiraKira is designed to reach girls ages 13-18. However, with parent consent, students as young as 5 have taken our courses...and on the other side of the coin, many adults love KiraKira too!

I’m a parent or teacher. How do I use KiraKira?

If you’re a parent, we’re happy to have you and your daughter on KiraKira. We are very proud of our safe environment that is built by girls for girls. We teach young women the basics of computer-aided design while making things they love. If you’re a teacher, we have a FAQ just for you. Check us out at for more information about bringing KiraKira into your classroom.

Software Questions

Do I have to buy any program software?

No. All the software programs we teach our courses on offer free student downloads! Pretty great, huh?! All you have to do is follow your instructor’s prompts and either open or download the CAD software. Some courses you will only need to create a profile and open it up, like TinkerCad, and others you’ll have to download, like Fusion 360.

Do I need a Mac or a PC?

Either! You can download the FREE programs for either platform.

Do I need Wifi?

Yep, you will need wifi. But if you don’t an easy work-around is to watch our classes on your mobile device and design on your desktop if you don’t have wifi.

Courses and becoming a Designer

What types of things can I make on KiraKira?

Our courses teach you how to make everyday objects like iphone cases, musical instruments, clothing, figurines, and much more! Our courses are meant to show you the basic design skills so you can use them and build your own designs. Our instructors and courses are designed to teach and inspire you to start making things that matter to you. In fact, we’d love to hear what you’re interested in creating! Let us know at

Can I make my own designs?

Yes, yes, yes! At KiraKira we encourage you to take the skills and commands you’ve learned with us to create your own designs!

How long is a course?

KiraKira courses are no more than 10 minutes long...and those are our advanced courses. Some of our beginner courses are only one minute long! At the end of every course, you’ll have created a 3D design (.stl) file printable from any 3D printer.

What levels are the courses?

We teach 3 skill levels on KiraKira: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each of the courses is designed to be simple and easy, but in our more advanced courses, you’ll learn hard skills and link them back to back.

Should I take KiraKira courses in a certain order?

That is entirely up to you! We believe that girls learn the best when they can select what interests them. In a typical course you will learn the basics of 3D modeling including, but not limited to, understanding planes and axes, modeling shapes (and linking them together), mirroring, and name a few!

Are the courses free?

Yes! KiraKira courses are absolutely free, you can watch, stop, rewind, repeat as many times as you like!

Printing and all that 3D “Stuff”

I don’t have a 3D printer, do I need one?

No, you don’t need a 3D printer. You can order your 3D print straight from the course page or from your designer profile.

Can I print from my 3D printer?

Absolutely! Your 3D design (.stl) file can be printed from any 3D printer!

I heard your first 2 pieces are free. Is that true?

We’re excited to print for you, the first 2 pieces that you design, as long as they are within our spec regulations. As much as we would love to print for you a whole entire surfboard, at the moment, our free pieces must be within 3”x 3” (generally speaking). If you submit something for a free print and it doesn’t fit our specs, we will notify you via email.

I want to cancel my order. What do I do?

If you want to cancel your order, please send us an email at

How do I upload an STL file?

Once you’ve finished your design in the software, you need to make sure to save it as an “STL” file and save it onto your profile in the software program (TinkerCad or Fusion360). Once you’ve done that, you will need to download the file onto your desktop, and then finally upload into KiraKira either via the class page or your designer profile. Whew! Yes, we know it’s a lot of steps, we’re working on making it easier!

How does the ordering process work?

It’s super easy! Once you select which pieces you want to print, you submit the files and your name and address. Our team at KiraKira will get working for you and will start the printing process. You will receive an email confirmation that we’re working on your order.

My Account

I forget my password. How do I reset it?

To reset your password, click on the small text under the sign in screen. You’ll receive an email to change your password. If you’re already in your account and you want to change your password, just click settings and then select “change password.” Voila!

I want to cancel my account. How do I do that?

Oh, no! We are so sad to see you go, but we understand that sometimes some relationships end. Before deciding to leave us, shoot us a note at