1. How old do I have to be to sign up to use KiraKira? 13. If you are younger – the signup page will require parental consent.
  2. How do I use KiraKira? Do I have to buy any program software? All of the program software that we feature and teach in KiraKira courses are free to download. Tinkercad requires the user to create a profile, and Fusion 360 requires a download.
  3. What will I learn if I take KiraKira courses? KiraKira courses are conducted using CAD* software programs, such as Tinkercad and Fusion 360. After consistent practice, students should possess the knowledge to design and 3D print their own functional pieces using CAD* software
  4. What is KiraKira? Think of KiraKira as a community. We provide educational tools to teach design thinking, combined with a platform in which designers can connect with others and share their work.
  5. What is CAD software? Computer aided design is the use of computer technology for design. CAD software is commonly used in architecture and engineering fields.
  6. What levels are KiraKira courses? How to use CAD software, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
  7. How do I print my designs in 3D?
    • Step 1: Save the design you’ve been working on in Autodesk or Tinkercad in an STL file onto your desktop.
    • Step 2: Upload the STL file onto KiraKira either via the class page or on you’re designer profile page.
    • Step 3: Do you have your own 3D printer? Awesome! Your printer will accept the STL file you’ve saved. No printer? No problem. KiraKira has partnered with Voodoo mfg. to print your designs on demand.
    • Step 4: Once you are logged into KiraKira click on the 3D print section of the header. There you can select any of your saved designs to be printed – and shipped to you!
  8. Once I order my 3D printed design – how long will it take to ship? It takes 1 business day for Voodoo to 3D print your design. Then – the design is shipped via standard ground which takes an additional 5-7 business days.
  9. How do I cancel my 3D print order? Send an email with your cancellation request to: prints@kirakira.com
  10. I want to cancel my account. How should I do this?We’re sad to see you go! Shoot us a note at hello@kirakira.com and we will deactivate your account.
  11. Forgot your password? Click the “forgot your password?” text block under Sign In.
  12. I am an educator – how can I use KiraKira in the classroom? Behind the scenes we are currently creating custom lesson plans specifically for classroom use (a full KiraKira classroom curriculum model is set to launch in Fall of 2017). Until the official launch - we are also open to creating a custom package to suit your classroom’s particular needs! Please reach out to discuss further at:hello@kirakira.com