Robots, Dinosaurs, and much more! Meet Young Maker Erica Wagner.

Meet Erica Wagner - the 14 year old best selling author and personality behind @ScienceHerWay! Erica is a homeschool student at Wagner Learning Power Institute and loves science, robots, and dinosaurs! We are so excited to announce our partnership with Erica - she’s our newest KiraKira online instructor and is no stranger to online teaching with her own YouTube channel; “Minecraft for Parents” and “Pic Monkey for Beginners”. Erica’s books can be found on, “Erica’s Guide to Taking Care of a Grasshopper”, “My Quest to Catch a Fish” and her third book in collaboration with her twin, Cody Wagner titled “Minecraft for Parents”. Welcome to KiraKira's community of 3D Modelers Erica!

When did you first realize you were drawn to STEM related studies?

When I was five years old I always asked for dinosaurs, robots, and science kits. I think that’s when I realized I was into STEM related fields.

Who are your biggest role models?

Razzleberry Fox, Rebecca Cordingley, Danette Beatty, Amy, Lu Nascimento, Zach Sores, Sir Carma, Kekeflipnote, and Will W. They are all different kinds of artists and on Twitter. They’ve all started somewhere just like me and worked their way up. Now they’re creating amazing things everyone enjoys.

If you could have a conversation with your future adult self, what could it be about?

It would probably be about me, science, and art. It would be pretty interesting to hear how I have improved my skills in art, advanced my knowledge in science, and how I have changed as a person.

Why do you think it’s important to have the “A” in “STEAM” (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)?

I think it’s important because Art can be Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Think about it. When you collect data from a Science experiment, organize it and display it a certain way that’s considered art, data art. When you click on buttons, apps, programs, and go to websites on your devices, someone had to make the icons, buttons, and UI interface and make it work with the programming. This makes up Technology. When you see statues, buildings, cars, and structures, someone had to make the designs for those things and those things themselves are art because it’s engineering. Engineering involves design. When you see the numbers and symbols all on a page for you to solve, Math, you might think you’ll never use this stuff. But you can use math in programming and use programming to make pictures and animations. You can use math to make a form of 3D art called Fractals. You can use math to measure your characters and determine what and how they will look, and possibly 3D print them. Art is not just limited to pencils, clay, and your computer mouse. Art can be anything and is everywhere. How it looks and how it’s made is all up to you. The “A” in “STEAM” is important because it is a part of what makes the things we eat, use, play with and see on a daily basis.

What has been the most inspirational project you have done?

I think it was when I made my first mod for an alpha game. It was a mod that added Christmas dessert into the game. Not only did I have to make the models, I had to do a little programming to get them into the game. I thought it was going to take a while and maybe be a little hard. Once I did it, it was very easy. I got so excited while doing it and after doing it, I felt like making another mod right then! It was very inspiring to actually make something that I and other players could use in-game.

Is there anything you want to share with KiraKira community about why they should start learning, making and sharing?

3D art can really help get your idea out of your head and into a visual. Yes it is good to write them down, but it can also help to actually see it. It’s also really fun to make your own objects and creatures. You can really give your creations personalities, characteristics, and bring them to life. Sharing your creation for the world to see is great. Don’t get discouraged if no one comments on it or favorites it. You don’t always have to know if someone saw it, because sometimes the people who don’t say anything, smiled when they saw your work. You never know who is looking at your stuff. If you keep sharing your creations, more people will find you and enjoy your stuff and you’ll start meeting people with the same interests. Sharing your creations is a wonderful things. Never stop learning, creating, and sharing. You never know where you can take you.