Motivation Monday: Erica Sullivan

Erica is a full-time college student and the founder of What the Clique, a fashion & lifestyle blog located on the east coast. She is a highly passionate professional whose ultimate goal is to create long lasting connections between KiraKira3D and the young women we educate. She firmly believes in the quote, "We rise by lifting others," because "when women support each other, incredible things happen." This summer Erica has had the opportunity to work as a content marketing intern for KiraKira3D!

Never Let Others Determine Your Success:  

There are a little over a million words in the English language. Some words flow effortlessly from one to the next. However, there are two letters, forming one word, that I refuse to allow be a part of my life, N-O. My greatest achievement to date is not allowing these words to hinder who I am as a person. When I began my fashion and lifestyle blog, What the Clique, in the seventh grade, I received more giggles than support from my classmates. Friends would whisper to each other, “who does she think she is? She’s going to crash and burn!” Did this stop me? Not in the slightest. What the Clique serves as a forum for my thoughts and has opened so many doors for me that I never before imagined. This includes becoming a partner in a fashion start-up company located in New York City, while only a senior in high school. With every “no” I receive in life, the more driven for success I become. I take the word as motivation rather than a hindrance on my personal strides in life.

When I was little, I used to take the word "no" as a personal attack. However, I'm the only person with the power to determine my success. This summer, I have had the incredible opportunity to work alongside some of the brightest minds I've ever encountered. Working at KiraKira3D as a content marketing intern, I am given the support necessary to do my best work every day. I wake up every day eager and excited to make a difference. Although I'm only 20, it's never too young to pursue your passions. I implore you to explore your passions, latch on to them, and never let go.

Check out more from Erica on her blog, What the Clique, and on Instagram, @whattheclique.

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