Meet Jordan Reeves

Picture via Vox Magazine

With 3D printing, the possibilities are endless. Just ask Jordan Reeves, an 11-year-old who designed a glitter-cannon prosthetic.

Jordan was born a happy and healthy baby, and according to most definitions, she was perfect. However, there was one thing that immediately caught her mother’s attention: her left arm stopped just above her elbow. Instead of dwelling negatively on this, Jordan grew to channel her energy into something positive, “Project Unicorn.” “Project Unicorn” is the name given to her 3D-printed prosthetic glitter cannon.

Jordan also recently had the opportunity to pitch this project to Shark Tank.  


In addition to her Shark Tank experience, Jordan fondly reminisces of meeting the cast of the “Finding Nemo” musical at Disney World:

"I wore a Nemo-looking dress," said Jordan, age 11. "It looked like a clown fish, just like Nemo. And, here's my fin!" Jordan points to her own "lucky fin," a left arm that stops just before the elbow. Just like Nemo, she might have to work a little bit harder since she was born with only one hand, but that doesn't stop her. - CNN

At KiraKira3D, we aim to inspire young girls to think big and to dream bigger. There is nothing girls can’t conquer if they are passionate and believe in themselves. Just as Jordan Reeves has taught us, with positivity and the right outlook on life, no situation has the ability to take away your smile.

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