KiraKira & Amour Vert

The KiraKira team is so excited to announce our collaboration with San Francisco based sustainable fashion brand: Amour Vert! (Amour Vert means "green for love" in French). Amour Vert stays true to their mission - which is rooted in safe environmental practices and sustainability. Their motto "Every Stitch with purpose" stems from a believe that great fashion and social responsibility can coexist.
The team at KiraKira draws inspiration from Amour Vert, as an iconic example of what future fashion brands can exemplify - and it is for this reason that we will be teaching our very own students "Amour Vert" inspired fashtech and STEAM course content, as well as highlighting AV's incredible founder and engineer turner fashion designer, Linda Balti as role model for our aspiring fashion designers and engineers!
"When i was 10 years old, I received my first computer and became totally obsessed. When I asked my parents for new games, instead of buying them, they gave me a book on how to create games. This was my first stab at coding. I loved the idea of being able to design something myself. Later, I went on to study computer science and specialized in simulation and synthetic environments. I made a career in the defense industry building simulators for fighter jets and helicopters. 
My mantra is "if you can't find something build it yourself". Today I am on a mission to reduce the impact of fashion on the environment by using smart design and innovation in textile. That's why I founded Amour Vert. Whether you want to become an engineer or a fashion designer, STEM education is important because it teaches fundamental logic and reasoning skills that are helpful throughout your life." - Linda Balti. 
Stay tuned for more details on this collaboration!