Intern Spotlight: Meet Maren Berge Vik

As a continuation of our intern spotlight series, we received a chance to sit down and talk to one our lovely interns, Maren! Maren plays an integral role in growing our company and inspiring girls across the nation!

KiraKira3D: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Maren: My name is Maren, I am 25 years old, I have an older sister and am a proud aunt of two unbelievable adorable girls - we are all about girl power! I love to travel, eat, and sit quietly on a bench absorbing life around me and above all, I love small bookstores where I can escape between rare books and funny greeting cards. I was born and raised on an island and I feel the happiest when I am close to the sea. The sea air calms me down, so KiraKira's office at North Beach in SF is close to perfect. Even though I study traditionally very theoretical fields like engineering and business, I love anything creative. Wherever I travel I check out art museums and I love to puzzle with my own small projects in between school and other activities. Really, whenever I can I make what I do into a creative project!

KK3D: Where are you originally from, where do you go to school and what year are you?

M: I am from Norway (which is the happiest place on earth according to the United Nations! It is in Northern Europe, just over 5 million people). I study at a University in Norway called the Norwegian University of Science and Technology which I picked because they are known to be the best in Norway when it comes to, guess what, Science and Technology, which I love. I'm doing my Master's Degree in "Industrial Economics and Technology Management" which is a mix between Mechanical Engineering and Business. I will start my 5th and final year this fall and start on my Master's thesis the spring of 2018. 

KK3D: What three words would your best friend use to describe you?

M: Actually, I had to text my best friend to find out! According to the source: Generous, Loving and Determined (How lucky am I?) She also wanted to add impatient because I asked her to hurry up...

KK3D: What is the best or funniest advice you have received?

M: It is not very funny or very inventive, but my mom has always told me to "take a deep breath". It is not rocket science, but it always works!! It gives you clarity. It helps if you are nervous, scared, overloaded or above all angry, but it also works wonders if you want to enjoy a special moment! Getting the blood flowing to your head is underrated.

KK3D: Favorite App? In addition to KiraKira 3D of course!

M: DuoLingo! It enables you to learn new languages by practicing a bit every day. It feels like my best friend, most days we get along, but some times it is giving me a hard time if I don't do well! I would love to be fluent in every language there is because nothing is better than to be able to communicate with new people all over the world.

 KK3D: Why did you choose to intern at KiraKira? What does #WomenInStem mean to you?

M: The moment I read about KiraKira3D, I knew that this was a company I wanted to be a part of. I have worked a lot with women empowerment in the past, and I think it is something I will keep on doing. I worked with the topic while I was in the Norwegian Army and also back home at my University. Also, KiraKira has managed to get a lot of cool partners on board to encourage girls to rock the STEM-world!

#WomenInStem for me is the most natural thing in the world! To me it is important to see to that we inspire and encourage young girls, in the same way as young boys, to be curious about STEM and show them the endless possibilities! When I was a little girl, I was encouraged to pick things apart, be curious and make new inventions. I was also lucky to have people help me and cheer me on when I dived into science and technology. For me, it is important to show the world how awesome life would be if we embraced each other differences instead of treating them as obstacles. In diversity lies the key to creativity and innovation!

KK3D: Your position at KiraKira? A typical day at KiraKira? Most exciting project (thus far)?

M: I am a summer intern and I work with everything from marketing, strategy and helping out with the summer classes here in MakerStudioSF! A typical day at the office is hard to describe because as in every other startup, there is a lot of stuff happening all the time that you have to adapt to. Usually, I reach out to interesting people that I think should know about KiraKira3D, then I work with our social media, brainstorm with other interns about design ideas, and then I work on my more long term projects about strategy and marketing!

In between projects, I always cater to the foodie in me, by having a snack at the beach while I enjoy the view of the Golden Gate Bridge! I have two favorite activities so far: First is interacting with the inspiring and hard working kids that attend summer camp here in SF and second, I love to work with strategic questions about partnerships and the future of KiraKira! 

KK3D: Is there something that you want to share with KiraKira community on how they should start learning, making and sharing?

M: Pay attention to your surroundings! If there is one thing KiraKira has inspired me to do, it is to put your phone down (except when your designing in our app!!) and look at all the beautiful details that exist in everyday things. A withered leaf can inspire you to make the most beautiful jewelry and a lady on a bench might inspire the next Mona Lisa! I also want to tell everyone out there: There is no such thing as "I am not creative!" You just have to dare to let yourself be inspired and start on a small project. Bring a sketchbook with you and document small details that you see. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it forces you to look for beauty! If you are dreaming about learning a new creative skill, ask a friend to join you and you can help each other on the way. And of course, download the KiraKira3D app and become a maker today!