Intern Spotlight: Meet Allison Kanchala

In this series, we'll introduce you to some of our talented interns who are helping us grow our company and inspire girls across the nation! We had the chance to sit down with Allison Kanchala who is working as a content creator.

KiraKira3D: Where are you originally from? Where do you go to school? What year are you?

Allison: Originally from Toronto, Canada, but I am in my 3rd year studying Industrial Design at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

KK3D: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

A: Some of my hobbies include traveling the world, hiking, camping, canoeing, photography, drawing and robotics. I also enjoy playing basketball, baseball and volleyball.

KK3D: Favorite app? (In addition to KiraKira 3D of course!)

A: Snapchat is one of my favorite apps. It allows you to let loose and send funny faces to your friends and have fun.

KK3D: Why did you choose to intern at KiraKira? What does being a woman in STEM mean to you?

A: I am passionate about getting girls interested in STEM careers. KiraKira3D allows me to work closely with 3D printing technology. I enjoy the dynamics involved in working in a small company and learning more about the US business culture.

Women in STEM is very important for our culture and I believe it is very important to let young girls know that STEM jobs are fun and exciting career path options. Being on a robotics team in high school showed me that it was an option for myself. Although most girls don’t have the same opportunity as me, therefore KiraKira’s message to empower young women is very important.

KK3D: Your position at KiraKira? A typical day at KiraKira? Most exciting project (thus far)?

A: At KiraKira, I work as a content creator which involves creating the 3D content for our KiraKira 3D app, in addition to all the realistic product renderings and social media advertising.

A typical day for me includes working independently on the 3D content for the app in addition to working collaboratively with other interns to work on other on-going projects.

My favorite project has been working with my fellow interns to understand the Mattel’s Barbie brand and create an app for them that is powered by KiraKira 3D.

KK3D: Is there something that you want to share with KiraKira community on how they should start learning, making and sharing?

A: Fulfilling your childhood dream occupation is possible! As a kid, I always wanted to be an inventor and now, I am pursuing Industrial Design where I get to be an inventor.

KiraKira3D recently released a first of its kind “3D modeling mobile experience” KiraKira3D iOS this summer.  Check it out here