Intern Spotlight: Chloe Tan

For today's Intern Spotlight, we have Chloe Tan! 

KiraKira3D: Where are you originally from, where do you go to school and what year are you?

 Chloe: I’m originally from Singapore, but I’m currently a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania double majoring in Economics and Gender Studies.  

 KK3D: Tell me a little bit about yourself. ( Fun facts, Hobbies, Passions) 

 C: I’m really into fitness so spin classes are my current obsession! In my free time, I love reading, writing, and exploring new places. Just sitting outside and being with nature is one of my favorite things to do.

 KK3D: What three words would your best friend use to describe you?

C: Well, according to her, perceptive, open-minded, and independent

 KK3D: Favorite App? In addition to KiraKira 3D of course! 

 C: VSCO! I was really into food photography a few years ago and this app was an amazing help.

 KK3D: Why did you choose to intern at KiraKira? What does #WomenInStem mean to you?

 C:As someone double majoring in Economics and Gender Studies, KiraKira was the perfect combination of my interests. I was really excited about the prospect of an internship that matched so many of my passions, from female empowerment to entrepreneurship.   

To me, #WomenInStem means challenging and redefining the stereotypes that society has placed on females and careers in STEM. It means being bold and fearless in pursuing your passions, regardless of external forces that tell you otherwise. It also empowers women to not just enter the field, but excel and create their own space in the field.

KK3D: Your position at KiraKira? A typical day at KiraKira? Most exciting project? Key takeaways?  

C: My official position is KiraKira Academy/YouTube Content Curator. Basically, I tailor the content on KiraKira Academy and our YouTube channel to better attract our target audience (i.e. you guys!) As I’m working remotely, I finish all my projects online and have regular calls with Lauren and other members of the team. My most exciting project was redesigning the entire KiraKira YouTube channel. It was great to be able to take charge of an entire project, especially one that allowed for so much creative thinking and innovation!  

One of my key takeaways has been to be unafraid – be it being unafraid to suggest new ideas or try something that requires new skills, this position has made me eager to explore and challenge myself.  

 KK3D: Is there something that you want to share with KiraKira community on how they should start learning, making and sharing?

C: Be daring! The best ideas come from the most random moments, so be observant and look for inspiration in your everyday life

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