Girls in STEM: Olivia Colombo

Bio: Olivia is a high school changemaker working on diverse projects in science, arts, and humanities. She loves hanging out with Dr. Jane Goodall as one of her U.S. National Youth Leaders, scheming ways to curb climate change with data from NASA, running cross country, and traveling the country and public speaking about how to turn passion into compassion and change the world.


“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make,” Dr. Jane Goodall has always reminded me.  As one of her roughly thirty teens on the Jane Goodall Institute’s U.S. National Youth Leadership Council, I have the honor and joy to bask in the inspiration and glow of a strong woman scientist who works with such passion and compassion.  Dr. Jane’s words set a fire in me, driving me to strive to change the world.  At any given time I can be found tinkering with my patent-pending renewable energy technology, teaching kids to code robots, or planting an organic garden to benefit a homeless shelter.  Other times, I’m editing passion-filled Youtube videos, modeling climate change in Java with data from NASA, or traveling the country and speaking about the importance of using your talents to set the world ablaze.  The skills we girls acquire in STEM become tools in our tool belt.  Our real potential kicks in when we apply those tools to our other passions.  We use our feminine genius to work with compassion and empathy, and then change this world for the better.


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