Girls in STEM: Hannah Stark

Bio: Hannah is the writer and editor of the fashion blog, Oh What A Sight To See. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Mathematics degree where during her 4 years she helped drive and lead women to want to be a part of STEM courses. This coming fall she will be attending SMU in Dallas, TX to get a Master of Science in Business Analytics. Her blog explores the journeys of going outside your comfort zone and never setting limits for yourself. Passion is what has driven her and her blog to connect with others all over the country on the importance of more women having a STEM background.



“Excuse me? I think you have the wrong classroom. Do you want me to help find your place?” This happened in my very first college upper division mathematics course my sophomore year and a quote that still sticks with me to this day. While there are many misconceptions about women in STEM courses the value and the advancement that this type of education can give a woman is vital. Having been through mathematics and computer science courses, I am equipped with tools to solve deep critical problems which advance me beyond my peers in the working world. When I am not studying for my analytics classes or working during the day, most people will find that I am sitting behind a computer coding the backend of my website or teaching myself how to code in Java/RStudio. Even though the courses are challenging, I have found that the possibilities are endless once you have a STEM education in your back pocket. Always drive yourself to find your passion and then let that passion push you to excel in areas you never thought possible.


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