Our Mission

We instill girls with creative confidence, and inspire them to learn design-thinking and innovation skills to become tomorrow’s leaders.

'KiraKira' means 'shimmering' like a star in Japanese (our founder Suz lived there for 3 years designing!) and it represents our social mission to reach for the stars and work every day to close the gender gap in STEM!

KiraKira’s community will be the innovators, makers, designers, and architects of tomorrow. Our platform teaches the fundamentals of design thinking, engineering and entrepreneurship through creation of virtual and physical products. We arm female makers with the confidence to pursue careers in technology and change the world for the better.

KiraKira provides free online education to allow young women to begin quickly learning and making virtual products with the opportunity to 3D print their designs upon completion.

We encourage our students, ‘KiraKira Designers’ to put their own spin on the piece they are learning to make so that it becomes their own unique creation and an expression of their identity.

"KiraKira’s focus on social impact is core to its business and is already improving the lives of young women across the country from a range of socio-economic environments and educational systems."

John Galvin, Intel, Head of education

Our Team

KiraKira promotes diversity and inclusion in both our PRODUCT and our TEAM.

Our product is designed to close the gender gap in engineering and our team is comprised of members from a wide range of cultural backgrounds - including Italian, Russian and Korean-born immigrants who draw from a diverse range of skill sets.

Suz Somersall
Julia Ladutko
Sabrina Facchetti
Mechanical Engineer
Jackee Hernandez
UX Engineer
Zach Krizo
Unity Developer
James Dunay
iOS Engineer
Tyagi Schwartz
Outreach Specialist
Natalie Sharp
Production & Operations
Nicolas Hason
Video Production
Lauren Berkman
Data Analytics
Ashley Koprowski
Social Media Marketing and 3D Design
Mysha Pavel
Social Media Intern

"With women only making up about 12% of the engineering field — and the skills gap continuing to widen between graduates and the skills needed in industry — KiraKira's work is more important than ever. KiraKira offers a platform where female advisors and interns inspire girls to develop design and innovation skills to inspire a future career."

Liz Nugent, Autodesk, Manager for Education and Evangelism

Partners & Investors


Intel Education

Matter VC


David Min

Janne Kyttanen
3D Systems

Marc Yi
Intel Capital